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Pet Board That’s Safe and Worry-Free

Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel: With boarding so nice, you’ll be jealous of your pet!

If you are looking for a safe, secure and fun place to leave your pet while you are away, look no further than Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel. The variety of pet boarding services we have to offer will put your mind at ease as you are away for business or pleasure.

We understand how stressful and nerve-wracking going out of town can be, especially if you have a pet in the family. Having them accompany you on a flight can add to the cost of the trip, and road trips with pets are never as easy as they seem. Sometimes it is best to leave them behind, but you can’t just leave them anywhere. That’s why we offer a top-of-the-line dog boarding service.

Our Services

The pet boarding service offered by Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel lets you rest easy knowing your furry loved one is in great hands. Just consider us a full-service pet motel complete with dog petters and cat sitters. At our pet motel, each pet gets their own heated and air-conditioned room. We offer a variety of room sizes, depending on the size of your pet. Every room can accommodate your dog’s favorite bedding and blankets, or we can provide the comforts of home. We even offer televisions for those pets that prefer it.

We don’t just stop with the room, though. The overnight pet boarding at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel offers all-day playtime so your pet can truly make the most of their stay at no extra charge. Our indoor and outdoor play areas provide your pet with more than enough opportunities to run, jump and play. With all that playtime, lets not forget to bring their meals and treats to keep up that energy. Our full service kitchen will serve up whatever goodies you decide to bring. Of course, if you forget, food can be provided at a small charge.

Your Pet is Always Safe With Us

You have enough to worry about with your travels and expenses. There’s no need for you to have to worry about your pet in our care. The fencing at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel is completely secure, leaving no chance your digging dog or climbing cat will make a jailbreak under our watch. Our highly trained staff will always be present in the play area as well, and there’s no shortage of love and attention being offered by them.

Along with our staff of pet sitters, the pet boarding at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel also offers an elevated surface for your dog to roll around on. Since we don’t consider ourselves a kennel, it’s only right that we provide the finest comfort under the paws of your furry friend. Comfort you won’t find at any kennel. Our upraised system is drier and easy on paws. It’s more sanitary than the concrete found in typical pens and play areas, and it lets our guests play on a softer surface they are so accustom to.

We Provide Pet Boarding for All

Since we specialize in pet care, we know just how different some dogs and cats can be. Trust us when we say even the most energetic or unsocial pets are welcome at Caroline’s. Even if your pet does not play well with others, we can still offer them all the love, attention and belly scratches given to the other pets. We will be careful to only insert them in the environments that are comfortable to them, and may not include them in the larger play groups, depending on their exact personality.

At Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel, we’re no kennel. Just the best pet motel around. With that title, it’s no wonder we have the best overnight pet boarding around. We will take great care of your pet while you are away, and will have them grinning ear to ear upon your return.

Our Rates

Daily Dog Boarding Rates

1 dog


2 dogs in the same room


3 dogs in the same room


4 dogs in the same room


5 dogs in the same room


Daily Cat Boarding Rates

1 cat


2 cats in the same condo


Additional Services

TV in Room

$2.00 per day

Meds for Pets

$2.00 per day per pet


please call for pricing

Nail Trims

please call for pricing

Anal Glands

please call for pricing

Give Us a Call Today!

To give your pet the pampered stay they deserve, fill out our reservation form and give Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel a call!


Please print off your form, and bring it with you on your first visit, or the day of your pet's stay. Payment is requested at time of drop-off.


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