We are a pet motel, not a kennel!

At Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel, we’re no kennel. Just the best pet motel around!

When it comes to boarding, Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel is the top destination for your pet. Defining us as a kennel would not do us justice; instead, we are a pet motel where pets of all shapes and sizes can have an enjoyable stay. If you are unfamiliar with what a pet motel is, consider it place where your cat or dog can have a fun vacation experience while you are away.


With Care, Compassion and Comfort

We understand going out of town can be stressful if you have a dog or cat. Bringing them along for the trip can cost extra if you are flying, and road trips with pets are never as easy as they sound. Sometimes it is best to leave them behind, but you can’t just leave them anywhere. After all, they are a part of the family. That’s why we’re here. At Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel, we offer you peace of mind by providing a safe, professional and knowledgeable place to keep your pet while you are gone.

Pet Boarding and Dog Exercise

Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel offers a variety of services so you can rest assured your furry loved one will be in great hands. If you need a place to keep your canine friend during a day or two, we are the perfect option. If you are looking for a longer, yet still temporary, option, we’ve got you covered as well.

Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel Rooms

At our pet motel, each pet gets their own heated and air-conditioned room. We offer a variety of room sizes, depending on the size of your pet. Every room has more than enough space for your pet to stretch their legs, along with beds, blankets, rugs, music and even a television if your pet prefers it.

Our services aren’t limited to the room, though. Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel offers all-day fun in our play areas, so your furry friends can truly make the most of their vacation. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, your pet will have more than enough opportunities to run, jump, chew and scratch.

Your Pet is Safe and Sound

Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your pet as they play. All the fencing at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel is secure from top to bottom, ensuring your pet stays under our care at all times. Playtime at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel also lasts 14.5 hours each day, making sure your pet’s daily exercise routine doesn’t suffer even though they are on vacation.

Your pet’s stay will be specifically tailored to their needs, so bring your pet to Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel and see what all the fun is about!

To give your pet the pampered stay they deserve, fill out our reservation
form and give Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel a call!

Offering your pets a high-quality stay, 7 days a week!

6:30am - 9:00pm

Check-in and check-out hours everyday
(excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)


Located near CC & 65 Highway in Ozark, MO



$10 OFF!

Receive $10 Off, for first time boarders.

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Please print off your form, and bring it with you on your first visit, or the day of your pet's stay. Payment is requested at time of drop-off.


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