Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel lets dogs play in a playhouse

Dogs playing and having fun at Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel

At Caroline's playtime is a priority!

If there’s one thing most dogs can’t get enough of, it’s the chance to romp, roll, play and have fun with new friends. And at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel, your dog will get more playtime than he or she ever dreamed of. Our indoor and outdoor play areas provide endless opportunities for fun, and you’ll feel good knowing your pet is being carefully watched over by our staff at all times.

Here’s some more info on playtime at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel:

  • Pets enjoy a HUGE heated/air-conditioned indoor play area AND covered outdoor play area!
  • We offer ALL-DAY playtime – that’s 14 1/2 hours-worth of play!
  • Don’t worry, we’re always in the play area with our guests to give them love, attention and all the fun they can enjoy – your pet is always safe at Caroline’s.
  • All fencing is secure from top to bottom, so even the diggiest dogs can’t dig their way out and no climbers can escape over the top.
  • Unsocial dog? That’s ok! Your pet still gets the same level of attention from us and the same amount of playtime in our play area – he or she just won’t join our play groups.
  • Perfect Turf® Pet Grass is soft and easy on the feet, stays cleaner than concrete, and lets our guests play on a grass-type surface instead of a hard floor.
And it’s not just dogs who get to enjoy playtime!

Cats get individual playtime with us and are allowed to roam their room for exercise, too.

We know how important playtime is for pets, which is why we’ve created such a safe and spacious play area for all of our guests. Whether your pet is running and jumping with newfound friends or playing with our friendly staff, playtime at Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel is a treat for everyone involved!

And for a modest charge, we’ll even give your pet a bath when playtime is over so they’re nice and clean for the ride home.

Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel has individual playtime with each dog

Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel has fun playing ball with the pups

dogs playing tug of war and having fun at Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel

You may even see a dog going down a slide at Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel