Comfortable Pet Turf for indoor play

We have 24 hour security at Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel

Bring your pets food and medicine from home.

We are a pet motel, not a kennel!

Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel is THE best destination for your pet when it comes to boarding. We are not a kennel, we are a pet motel. What is a pet motel you may ask? A pet motel is a fun vacation experience for your cat or dog! Each pet gets their own heated, and air conditioned room with a TV. Your pet doesn't just sit in their room all day though, because we offer ALL-DAY playtime! That is 14 1/2 hours of playtime for your pet! Each pet's stay is specifically tailored to their needs, so bring your pet to Caroline's and see what all the FUN is about!


Puppy Paradise – My dogs love it. The people know them by name and always give them affection. I can tell my dogs trust them and they cant wait to get in the door to play. I never worry while they are staying there. The staff is always friendly and willing to do the "extras" that one of my dogs need (at no extra charge). My dogs are big so after checking them out, this was the place to go. So much room to play. Wonderful place.
- Jim T.
Caroline's has been my kennel of choice for my dogs (and my cat once upon a time), and I and my dogs have nothing but good things to say/bark about this business. Caroline has an excellent crew that knows how and what to do in all circumstances, including how to handle seizures when one of my little dogs was experiencing problems. In particular, their care is so excellent that my little rescue Chihuahua, Zooey, who has issues (very fearful, hides, shakes at loud noises, etc.), comes home from Caroline's much improved every time she visits. Their intense one-on-one loving attention when they see a troubled little one like Zooey is beyond believing. All of the staff genuinely love dogs - and that translates to great care.
- Judith E.
We have been using Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel for about 10 years now. Our dogs absolutely love it there. They are happy to go and get excited when we get there. I have peace of mind knowing that they are being well taken care of while I'm away, and that helps me to relax. We have not had a single bad incident there, and I unfortunately cannot say that about every place we have boarded our dogs over the years. They are also a charitable organization and work with several rescue groups in the area. Caroline and her staff there get to know the dogs and genuinely care about them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Caroline's to anyone.
- Kelly M.
The staff at Caroline's are always helpful and ready for my boys when they get dropped off, not always easy with two mastiffs!! The boys are always happy and rested when they come home.Great place for an extended stay or just when you need the dogs gone for company.
- Jacob H.
Our little guy can't wait to go to here and he loves playing with the other dogs. They are very kind and hospitable. As a plus, our dog smells the best after getting a bath there.
- Grant O.
KC gets so excited when we pull up to Carolines. She is there 1-2 days a week for day care and it is obvious that they care about her. We used Caroline's several years ago for boarding with our previous older dogs and felt very comfortable with the care that they received.
- Robin T.
Our dog has been staying at Caroline's for 3 years now. At one point he stayed once a week for doggie daycare and when we go out of town we don't leave him anywhere else. He gets excited when we pull in the parking lot and can't wait to get in the door. When we walk in we always get a warm welcome from the staff. I feel like they take great care of him and I can't imagine leavinghim anywhere else.
- Tina W.
We have been taking our Spike to Carolines for about 11/2 years now!! As soon as I say Doggie daycare he knows exactly where he is going!! We turn the corner and the excitement makes me giggle and he talks the rest of the way there! Caroline is amazing with all the kiddos (doggies) and (kitties) that go and play and we love the staff!! We will also be using Carolines to board our baby while we go on vacation for 2 weeks!! We love this awesome place and will continue to go every Wednesday!!!
- Marcy V.
We can't say enough great things about Caroline's. We recently moved and lived more than 30 minutes away from Caroline's, but we still take our dogs (Sam and Abby) there when we are out of town. The girls at Caroline's take great care of the dogs when we are away. Even our 200 pound Mastiff (who doesn't like very many people) loves the girls at Caroline's. And, we'll always be grateful to them for taking such good care of our Ella girl when she was sick and only had three legs! We wouldn't trust our dogs with anyone else, and I would recommend Caroline's to anyone looking for a great place to leave your pups.
- Tina S.
Ever since we took our golden lab, Milo, to Caroline's we have never seen him happier. Our family owns a local café and we needed a place to take our puppy so he would not feel so lonely until somebody got home. About a week of daycare for Milo and you could see how happy he was in the morning to get in the truck and go play with some friends. The service is exceptional and you can tell that the employees really care about your furry friend. Our family highly recommends Caroline's if you need a place for your pet to stay entertained and happy while you are away.
- Carri S.
My dog absolutely loves Carolines . She knows exactly where she is at when we pull down the road to the Motel. The minute we walk in the door she takes off running toward the employees behind the desk. They treat her so good and have always been so friendly and helpful. When I leave her I have so much comfort knowing she is somewhere she loves and is being taken care of. I leave with no worries. I would highly recommend Carolines.
- Johnalene M.
Treat your pet to a 5 Star Vacation!!!! Our two Boston Terriers recently spent 8 days at Caroline's Pampered Pets in Ozark, MO. They loved their experience, and I think that they are anxious for our next trip so that they can return. I would definitely recommend this business.
- Jackie M.
We have been taking our golden retriever Ripley since she was 4 months old and we couldn't be happier about Caroline's. We take Ripley two or three times a week and she has been boarded overnight on multiple occasions. When we take her, she jumps out the car door and bolts to the front door waiting anxiously with tail wagging to be let in. The staff loves her as if she is their own, and one of the biggest positives, she sleeps very well when she gets home. We definitely recommend Caroline's Pampered Pet Motel.
- Jennifer K.